Why Create An Online Booking System?

Did you know that 97% of local business owners are losing thousands of dollars and hundreds of customers every month because of their outdated booking systems?

You have probably seen it yourself…

You visit a local dentist’s website. There’s a big old telephone number at the top of the screen. But you’re at work and can’t make the call. Or you’re in a busy cafe, where you can’t hear.

Or maybe it’s late at night and the business is closed (55% of local bookings are taken in the evening…) Or maybe you’re just in a rush and don’t want to speak to anyone. So what do you do? You close the page and go to the next search result! Even if you DO decide to call the business, you’re often put on hold… … or sent to an answer machine!

And let’s face it

Nobody likes dealing with a call center when you just want to speak to the local biz directly, right Which is why call centers are costing local biz owners thousands in lost appointments…

And then customers have to think of what to say, wait for an email response, then go back and forth with the secretary via email before actually making a booking.

And after all this? Customers forget to show up!

This results in heavy losses for the local biz owner.


That’s is why we have a  solution for you and you can solve all these problems in 5 minutes flat!

We can help you create and install this extensive and a fully optimized, hands-free appointment online booking system and you have the power to double your bookings and customers Almost Overnight!

This WordPress theme is one of the most helpful themes out there, with sleek and easy to use booking section scheduling your upcoming day-to-day task is made easy.

Mary Orleans

What’ll You Get?

Our Extensive Appointment Settings with high-converting features will help your busiiness in the following ways…

Doubles their appointment bookings overnight

Stops leads slipping through the cracks

Saves thousands on outsourced call centers

Saves hours of admin work, emails and phone calls

No more endless answer machine messages to deal with

Ensures more people actually show up for their appointment


Time Scheduling & Calendar

Allows customers to pick a time from the biz owner’s calendar. No more back and forth via email or phone to check available time slots.


Confirmation & Reminder SMS & Emails

Keep customers in the loop and remind them when to show up, reducing the amount of no- shows.


Working Hours Visibility & Availability

Shows customers all the available slots and when the business is open so they can book the right time, every time.

Make an Appointment in 3 Simple Steps

With Online Bookings Made Easy, your customer only have to follow 3 simple steps to make an appointment or booking to receive a confirmation. Look at how fast, easy and convenient to use with this online booking system. Everything you see below is fully customizable to your needs.

Step 1 Select Service
Step 2 Pick Schedule
Step 3 Confirm Booking

Online Bookings Made Easy Extensive Settings


No More Double Bookings

Online Bookings Made Easy has built-in technology to prevent double bookings. If another customer has already booked an appointment, the software will let them know and suggest another slot that’s available.

Show Working Hours

Online Bookings Made Easy  allows you to set up your employees and staff holidays, days off, lunch times and meetings, so the system can only take bookings when they’re available.


Accept Payment Upfront

Unlike regular booking systems, Online Bookings Made Easy allows you to accept payments upfront at the time of booking! Local businesses love this feature because they get paid upfront and this reduces “no shows” as well 🙂

Google Calendar Integration

Tap a button to instantly sync your Google calendar into Online Bookings Made Easy, allowing you to see all of their appointments in one place, including ones booked separately in their Google calendar alongside their online bookings!


Automatic Email & SMS Reminders

With Online Bookings Made Easy, it allows you to set emails and SMS reminders to be sent to  automatically to your clients to remind them of them the upcoming appointments to reduce the number of “no-shows”.

Stay Organized

Online Bookings Made Easy allows you to have an easy bird’s eye view of their appointment calendar to help eveything stay organized.


Build Your Customer’s Email List

Online Bookings Made Easy  has emails captured during the booking process, so that you can follow up with more offers, discount coupons and upcoming events or promotions in the future. 

Multiple Users For Each Business

Most biz owners will have multiple or specialized  employees or staffs who take bookings (dentists, doctors, chiropractors, roofers, etc.) With Online Bookings Made Easy you can give each member of the team their own appointment system under one “umbrella” system for that company.


Super Easy To Use

With Online Bookings Made Easy, it’s fast, easy to use and very convenient to your clients or customers to do the bookings themselves. No more answering to calls and atteding to emails. 

Export Data Easily

Online Bookings Made Easy provides you the capability to easily export all the appointment details and statistics for offline references and analysis.


Appointments Made Easy

Managing appointments has never been easier for you now with Online Bookings Made Easy . See available slots, bookings made, dates and times, all in a simple dashboard. For potential customers, it’s easy too. The booking form is clean, easy to use and works perfectly on mobile.

Mobile Optimized

Online Bookings Made Easy works perfectly on all devices and screen sizes, so your client will never lose a booking because of a badly designed form that’s hard to fill out.

Customers can book appointments from their mobile devices in a few simple taps, without squinting, pinching or zooming their screens!


Facebook Integration

Integrate your Online Bookings Made Easy system into Facebook in a few simple clicks and allow your clients to take bookings and reservations without leaving the social network!

Simple Sales Reporting

Online Bookings Made Easy allows you to view recent transactions, pending and future appointments, customer details and amount paid, in one simple screen.


This Booking App helped me clear my schedule and build make scheduling my daily tasks easy. With the convenient booking section, I don’t have to miss any appointment.

John Smith

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