What is Gold Masterclass?

Aversity Gold Masterclass is basically an online training program that will teach you STEP-BY-STEP and CLICK-BY-CLICK how to setup and build your very own successful affiliate marketing business from scratch.

Why Choose Gold Masterclass?

It is complete because it provides you the system, tools and education which you can watch and learn at your own pace and it covers all the modules starting from the beginning how to setup your own business website to the end on how to get your customers to buy from you.

It is comprehensive because the modules are very detail and yet simple for any beginner to follow along with the click-by-click method. I will give more details of the course later on.

Today, I am applying most of the stuffs here based on what I have learnt in this training program. This very page you are reading right now and all the tools such as the page builder using Leadpages and all the integrations between the opt-in forms and Aweber were created exactly the same way how you will learn inside this course.

What Will You Get Inside Gold Masterclass?

In total, there are 13 modules with 65 video tutorials in this program. In each module, there are about 5 to 12 videos and each video ranges between 5 to 15 minutes in duration designed to feed you in a bite-sized fashion so that it can be easily digested and keeping you focused.

If you still holding on to your 9 to 5 job, I recommend that you spend at least 2 hours each day to complete 1 module. For some modules, you may have to spend a few days. If you follow this routine, I estimate you would take about 2 to 3 weeks to commplete the entire course.

I will also suggest that you go back and watch those modules or videos again to reinforce your understanding so that you will become more familiar with the steps.

Details of the course:

Module 1: Gold Masterclass Strategy Introduction
Video #1: Module 1 Introduction
Video #2: Affiliate Programs
Video #3: Finding a Good Product to Promote
Video #4: Important Tools
Video #5: The Strategy
Video #6: An Example

Module 2: The Free Report Funnel
Video #1: Module 2 Introduction
Video #2: Email Followup Blueprint
Video #3: Introduction to Aweber
Video #4: Ways to Create Your Free Report
Video #5: Setting up Your Free Report Download on Aweber

Module 3: Your Presell Content
Video #1: Module 3 Intro
Video #2: Presell Content Requirements
Video #3: Your Presell Content Research
Video #4: Bucket Brigades
Video #5: The Quick Scroll Problem And Solution
Video #6: Presell Content Template
Video #7: My Final Presell Content

Module 4: Creating Your Website
Video #1: Module 4 Introduction
Video #2: Choosing a Domain
Video #3: Your Hosting Service
Video #4: Pointing Your Domain To Your Hosting Account
Video #5: Setting Up WordPress
Video #6: Quick WordPress Introduction
Video #7: Installing Required Plugins On Your Website
Video #8: Importing Your Leadpages Template
Video #9: Designing A Simple Logo
Video #10: LIVE: Building My Website
Video #11: Finishing Your Free Report Funnel
Video #12: How to A/B Test on Your Website

Module 5: Free Traffic
Video #1: Module 5 Introduction
Video #2: Using Google Trends To Get Traffic
Video #3: Using Q&A Website To get Traffic
Video #4: Getting Free Traffic From YouTube
Video #5: Getting Free Traffic From Forums
Video #6: Facebook And Google Communities
Video #7: YouTube Comments

Module 6: Paid Traffic
Video #1: Module 6 Introduction
Video #2: Full Guide to Solo Ads
Video #3: YouTube Ads Full Course
Video #4: Facebook Ads Full Course
Video #5: Bing Advertising Full Course

Module 7: Introduction to Gold Elite Training
Video #1: Module 7 Introduction
Video #2: The Elite Strategy

Module 8: Your Video Presell Funnel
Video #1: Module 8 Introduction
Video #2: The Video Presell Strategy Blueprint
Video #3: The Presell Video Script Template
Video #4: How to Create Engaging Presell Videos
Video #5: My Presell Script
Video #6: Creating My Video Using Doodly
Video #7: Creating My Presell Funnel LIVE In Front Of You

Module 9: Campaign Conversion Optimization
Video #1: Module 9 Introduction
Video #2: Using 404 Pages to Your Advantage
Video #3: Optimizing Your Website’s Speed
Video #4: Using Testimonials and Popups
Video #5: Using Hotjar to Track User Behavior

Module 10: Taking Your YouTube Campaign to The Next Level
Video #1: Module 10 Introduction
Video #2: Introduction to PLRs
Video #3: Optimizing Your YouTube Channel
Video #4: Optimizing Your YouTube Videos
Video #5: Optimizing Your YouTube Videos Using VidIQ Plugin

Module 11: The Launch Style Promotion Strategy
Video #1: Module 11 Introduction
Video #2: The Funnel Strategy
Video #3: Your Videos
Video #4: Live Build

Module 12: Course Updates

Module 13: Bi-weekly Webinars and Strategy Sessions


Gold Masterclass Elite (Total 7 modules)

When you get Gold Masterclass, you automatically also get Gold Masterclass Elite. The additional 7 modules inside will teach you more advanced strategies that will further help you to optimize your funnel and improve conversion and how to use YouTube as one of the cheapest and fastest traffic generation methods to get more sales.

Bonus Course #1

The Home Business Bootcamp

(Total 10 modules)

This course allows you to watch LIVE how Sean takes a brand new ClickBank affiliate account from 0$ to $1,000/week using his top affiliate marketing strategy. This great program is for people who want to learn everything step-by-step by watching a super affiliate at work!

Bonus Course #2

7 Touch Funnel Email Marketing Strategy (Total 12 video tutorials)

7 Touch Funnel is the process of converting a cold subscriber to an excited buyer. This funnel is one of my most profitable internet marketing funnels. In this course, you’ll learn how it is being built right in front of you.

Bonus Course #3

YouTube Advertising Domination Course (Total 8 video tutorials)

This course shows you one of the cheapest methods using YouTube advertising which is also extremely effective if it’s done right. YouTube ads is also the fastest way for a marketer to get a sale and they work with almost any budget!

And, that’s not all.


This training comes with free access to 7 Super Cool Bonuses:
These bonuses are custom created to help you get even better results!