What is a Conversion Widget?

Conversion Widgets is an intelligent “AI” conversion tool for your website.

It sends notifications to your website visitors which significantly increase the chance they will convert into a buyer, a lead or whatever action you’re trying to achieve.

The timing of certain notifications can be crucial.

The app taps into a marketing principle known as “nudge marketing”. It “nudges” your website visitors into action.

What is Conversion Widget Used For?

Conversion Widget is programmed to automatically increase your Website’s conversion rate.

You can use it to get more Leads, more Sales, build bigger Emails lists, or whatever action you need on your Website.

Our new “widget technology” helps to increase your website conversions by using three powerful principles of buyer psychology:

  •  scarcity
  •  urgency
  •  fear of missing out (FOMO)


Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), our software sends intelligent notifications to your website visitors to “nudge” them into action. “Nudge marketing” is a new concept of marketing used by some of the biggest brands online.

It’s easy to get started with Conversion Widgets in minutes. Simply fill out a few settings and then copy and paste our widget code on your website. No coding or special skills are required.

What Conversion Widgets Can Do For You?

Increase Leads & Email Subscribers

Our social proof, location-targeting and time-specific widgets help to “nudge” your visitors into filling out a lead generation form, or subscribing to your email list.

Increase Sales

Our AI identifies which of your website visitors are most likely to convert into customers. You can then push specific offers to these “hot” visitors (for example, a time-limited coupon offer).

Increase Engagement

Surprise your visitors with intelligent “nudge notifications” helping to keep them on your website and increasing their engagement.

Reduce Your Traffic Costs

Increase your ROI and reduce your cost on PPC, SEO or other forms of traffic generation by increasing your conversion rate.

How Does Conversion Widgets Work?

When a visitor lands on your website, our AI technology analyzes a wide range of information about them. It identifies the most likely action-takers based on AI (“hot” visitors). You can target these visitors with specific offers through widgets on your website.

These offers might include a time-specific discount coupon or an incentive to fill out a lead acquisition form, or subscribe to your email list.

These widgets can can increase your conversion rate by creating a sense of urgency or scarcity. Conversion Widgets can also display social proof of activity by your other website visitors which taps into “FOMO” (the fear of missing out).

You can choose up to 17 different widgets (including a combination of them) depending on your product or service, and how you measure a conversion.


And the best part of it, all you have to do is just copy and paste a single line of code which I will provide you to insert into your website. That’s all, easy and simple! 

Types of Widgets?

17 Widgets including “AI”, Social Proof, Blogging, Sales, Coupons, & many more

Cookies & GDPR Popup Preview

Display a cookie-consent popup for EU/worldwide visitors, with link to your policy.

Blog Widget Preview

Display clickable thumbnails of website URLs – just like a blog! Great for promoting related sites.

Hello Bar Preview

Display a horizontal “hello bar” at top/bottom of page with clickable button

Latest Visitor Preview

Display a popup which shows the location of last visitor/buyer/subscriber and when they visited

Social Proof Preview

Display a popup showing number of recent visitors/buyers/subs over a period of time

Sign Up & HTML Preview

Display a signup code (or any HTML) in a popup

Sticky Sidebar Tab Preview

Add a small clickable tab to the side of your website (eg. support link)

Insert Name from URL Preview

Insert visitor info (eg. name) – pulled from URL & dynamically inserted into your website

Affiliate Referral Message Preview

Insert content when a specific JVZoo or ClickBank affiliate referred the visitor

Repeat Visitor Coupon Preview

Display a coupon popup to people who visit your website 2+ times

Hot Visitor Coupon Preview

Give “hot” buyers (based on location, network) a popup message (eg coupon)

Hot Visitor HTML Preview

Give “hot” buyers (based on location, network) some HTML code (eg. retarget them)

Countdown Preview

Display a coupon popup for 10 minutes at certain times (eg. $3 off before 3PM)

Time Spent Coupon Preview

Display a coupon if visitor spends 1+ minute on your site

Compatible With Preview

Display a popup that confirms your product is compatible with their OS/Device

Geolocation – Text Preview

Insert text based on the user’s location (“get more sales in [country] and near [city]”)

Geolocation – Image Preview

Insert image based on the user’s location (eg. geo-targeted map, testimonial, currency)

Geolocation – HTML Preview

Insert an entire block of HTML code based on the user’s location (for advanced users)