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My name is Wilfred Tan and allow me to introduce myself and why I created this website.

I live in Singapore, a small city almost my entire life with a population of slightly less than 7 million and married with a daughter who is about to graduate from college (high school) this year. And I have been working in the corporate world for almost 25 years since 1996.

The Singapore Lion
Singapore Merlion Park (Photo taken by Yihya Alali)

As the years went by, I started to get bored with my job. It was getting stressful and I didn’t find much joy to continue doing what I do. I wanted to start something on my own and so I started looking for something different to excite my life.

Besides playing soccer (my passion to keep fit and healthy) during my past time, I wanted something more meaningful to replace my current 9-to-5 job.

In the year 2013, I was browsing around the internet and I started out first with affiliate marketing.

Back then, it was very popular (but there were also many scams out there). I was very enthusiastic and I wanted to learn everything about it to make money online. I bought numerous online courses, training programs and attended a number of masterclasses related to affiliate marketing but most of them didn’t really make me money.

Although I did not make much money with affiliate marketing at the start, I continued to learn new things every single day because I was very keen about acquiring new skills and knowledge. To me, I saw everything that I did and everything that I spent on was an investment for something bigger which will benefit me in the long run.

However, it was only in the year 2016, I stumbled upon one of the best online educational programs called the Aversity Gold Masterclass that tremendously heightened my internet knowledge and internet skills to another level.

This truly amazing program is not only very comprehensive but it was also the last program that I had ever bought since then. You can learn everything you wanted to learn in one place, from affiliate marketing to starting an online business literally from scratch.

beach-lady by the beach with a laptop

I started to learn how to create websites. That was the first thing I did (and honestly something I am proud of the decision I made back then, no regrets!). I had zero knowledge with zero background in IT and computers but it didn’t stop me. I took about 2 years mastering how to create and design websites for my own interest in the beginning.

Gradually over the next few years, I moved on to learn more things, like creating landing pages, opt-in forms, then followed by setting-up an email autoresponder system, and then optimizing my websites with plugins, conversion widgets, pop-ups and alert bars. As I got better and better, I continued to learn more difficult ones like creating stunning high-quality websites, designing site logos and favicons, creating amazing ebooks as lead magnets, making videos and chatbots to further enhance and automate my websites.

Today, I have become very familiar creating the entire sales funnel. Looking back over the past 5 years, I realized I had actually learnt and acquired a lot of useful skills. As I got more and more familiar with all these stuff, I started creating more sites and writing blogs for my own business and a few close friends.

Gradually, I started to see some passive income streaming in and that made me realized the power of the internet and the huge potential to be able to reach to a wider audience….globally. That’s the power and beauty of the internet!

The reason why I am sharing with you all this here is not to boast about myself. I am sharing my painful journey as a way to motivate you to start building your own assets and skillsets, be it for your own use or to use them to help others. Simply put, if you’re willing to put in the PAIN, you’ll get the FRUITS! I believe nothing is free in life!

So the purpose of my story has only one aim: To INSPIRE you to do the same.

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I also realized there are still many people out there who want to start an online business but are struggling because they don’t know how to begin. And there are also many small business owners who are currently running their business in a very traditional way (offline way), losing so much opportunities because they do not have the relevant knowledge and skills to make use of the internet to automate their process in order to reach out to their potential customers in a global way.

In today’s world, which is so highly paced with the ever increasing demands, I believe such skills are becoming more and more important and useful for one to be able to thrive in a global economy.

Honestly speaking, the path that I had taken was really painful recalling the late nights I’d spent till the wee hours figuring how to break all the codes considering I was never a computer or IT geek. It took me altogether about 7 years, with pure determination, to come to where I’m now.

This is the reason why I created WEBSKYLIGHT because I felt I could use some of my skills and experiences which I had accumulated over the past 7 years to help those who needed them. Right now, I’m truly passionate about helping people improve their business or personal lifestyle to achieve more freedom.

Finally, I really hope you’ll be able to benefit from this website which I’ve poured in a lot of hard work into it. Do spend some time to browse through the various services and product recommendations I have to offer here that may be of help to you. And please don’t forget to check out my interactive coaching program which I’ve spent many hours designed to help complete beginners who want to create a website to start an online business. My hope is to help you in either ways to improve your life or to improve your business if you own one, and to make your journey better, faster and easier than mine.

Just a humble advice:

If you want something so badly for your life, take action! “

And do let me know if you need any help! I will be very glad to answer any questions you have or help you start something online.

I wish you lots of success!

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